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The 3 Biggest Reasons You'll Wish You Had a Backup App

We hear from a lot of potential clients that they’re dubious about investing in backups because it’s rare they’ll need one in the future. You see this attitude a lot in the world of digital security: “it’ll never happen to me! Why should I spend money on something I’ll never use...that’s a bad business investment!

We like to think of our backup app as insurance -- it’s great if you never have to truly utilize it, but it’s a lifesaver if and when you do need it. You buy insurance for your car, your home and even your health...why not your business that you’ve invested money in?

If you’re still not convinced, we’ve picked out three very plausible scenarios where not having a backup app won’t just be a convenience -- it could possibly ruin your business.

Human Error

You’d be surprised how often employees or even business owners make mistakes when it comes to their website. It’s not as if it’s a fireable offense every time, either. Sometimes it’s as simple as pressing the wrong button or forgetting to save before closing a window. Accidentally deleting data or losing it can happen to the best of us...but your business needs better than the best.

That’s where a backup app comes in. Without a backup app, that data could be gone forever. With a backup app? You’ll be safe from human error so there’s no need to lose sleep at night.

Website Disaster

Sometimes a website issue is unexplainable to a business owner or webmaster that isn’t exactly well-versed in technology. All they know is that a code got broken or a site went down and the most important thing is that their business isn’t in a stable, usable condition. Websites go down, hosts don’t always have solutions and data is lost.

When you have a backup app like Rewind that automatically saves your data, this will never be a problem. No matter what sort of data disaster occurs, a copy of your site will be available to you in our Rewind Vault.

Site Backdating

Let’s say you want to try out a new branding strategy on your ecommerce or SaaS site. You need a new layout with a new color scheme to match the new logo you paid big bucks for. You create a new responsive design that you think will look good on your website, save it to your business site and see how it looks.

Instead of being totally pleased, you feel like your old website design would be better with a few tweaks and adjustments...but the code is lost now. You saved over it and there’s no going back.

Even if this reasoning doesn’t feel plausible to your own situation, know that sometimes you’ll just want to change something on your site or revert back to an older version of an item or data piece. CTRL+Z can only take you so far. A backup app like Rewind can help you revert to older versions of individual data pieces so you can individually backup and replace site items, NOT your entire website if you don’t need to.

When it comes to keeping your site safe, a backup app that’s trustworthy is the way to go. Rewind can offer you amazing features and data security. Are you willing to invest in your site security?

Mike Potter

Written by Mike Potter

Mike is a serial entrepreneur and currently the co-founder and CEO of Rewind.

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