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The 3 Big Components of Any Good Shopify App

Shopify storefront owners aren’t just limited by their basic account when it comes to features they can access. After all, that’s the whole point of the Shopify app store. Containing hundreds of unique apps, the Shopify app store gives storefront owners the ability to give their store powerful add-ons that can help with aspects of the interface, from marketing to appearance.

Rewind itself is a Shopify app, only available to ecommerce storefront owners who use Shopify as their platform of operations. That’s part of why we advocate for sites like Shopify -- they understand storefront owners need these app tools to make the most of their site (and to make the most money).

We’d like to think that we have three very important components that are all required to make up a really great Shopify app. What is it that truly makes a Shopify app one that’s worth installing? Let’s find out.

Problem Solving

Think outside of Shopify and instead to your smartphone. You likely have very important apps installed that help you out every day, like Google Sheets or your scheduling application. You also have fluff apps, like Netflix or Candy Crush that relate more to your entertainment. These aren’t needed apps, they’re wanted apps -- and if your phone is running out of room, you’ll start deleting those before the apps you use to run your life and make money.

A great Shopify app is one that works off the same principle. In order to be used, it has to be useful. It has to solve a basic problem and easily identify that problem to Shopify users.

For instance, Shopify has made their own app entitled Product Reviews. Product review access isn’t part of a basic Shopify storefront -- you need the app for that. The app addresses a basic problem (that Shopify is missing product review capabilities) and promises that installing it will solve that basic problem.

Good Support

You can’t tell whether or not an app has good customer support for it just by looking at it on the Shopify app store. This is where consumers interested in the app have to do their research, and app developers have to be sure their customer service skills are up to snuff. Sometimes apps don’t work the way they’re supposed to, and Shopify storefront owners need easy-to-find access to developers in order to troubleshoot and problem solve. This benefits everyone involved, from the developers who boost their credibility via great service, to store customers who have a heightened experience thanks to working and installed applications.

Quality Reassurance

Quality reassurance comes in two forms: provided and customer-based. A potential app client should be able to make sure the app is verifiable and genuine through two basic sources; both online reviews and app guarantees.

Rewind offers customers guarantees that focus on data security and loss. Our app Replay offers customers refunds when the data they want to copy doesn’t transfer the way it should. This lets customers know the app is looking out for their interest and not just to make a profit.

Customer reviews are sometimes an even better way for apps to assure potential clients of their quality. Think back to your smartphone app store -- do you want to download the app with two stars and 300 negative reviews, or the app with four stars and 20 negative reviews?

Mike Potter

Written by Mike Potter

Mike is a serial entrepreneur and currently the co-founder and CEO of Rewind.

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