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How a Buggy App Can Dismantle Your Entire Business

Technology is something that we like to trust wholeheartedly. We read about data loss and system failure, but there’s still that niggling idea that it won’t ever happen to us. The truth is that anyone can experience issues with data or system failure due to technology itself. Technology isn’t infallible, and buggy apps can lead to more data disasters than they prevent.

Rewind is a secure backup app with incredible features that can keep your data completely safe, but all apps aren’t created equal. The problem is that untrustworthy and hard to use apps aren’t conducive to your data’s safety, regardless of their purpose.

The solution? Doing research and finding apps that are truly safe and easy to use. Just because an app looks trustworthy and like it will get the job done, it may do your business more harm than good.

Application Bugs

A lot of apps on the market aren’t exactly ready-to-use and could go through a few more rounds of beta testing. Rewind has been a Shopify-only app since its inception, but now we’re diversifying to other platforms for SaaS applications and other businesses. We’ve gone through all the testing we need, but others haven’t yet.

App bugs are a real thing, and that’s not abnormal. Most applications will update and fix errors, but apps that are supposed to offer a service to businesses have extra due diligence to ensure their client’s data is safe at all times. Bugs can be counterproductive to this purpose and lead to data loss and app failure.

Hackable Apps

Another issue is that a buggy app may not always be the safest. Apps are hackable if they have obvious security flaws, and you might be surprised at how many apps aren’t entirely secure. App developers think about how to offer a valuable service to their customers, but app security isn’t always a top priority. When it comes to app development, a trustworthy app doesn’t think of security as anything other than a priority.

Our clients like to keep sensitive data in our secure Rewind Vault. Imagine giving a hackable, buggy app access to sensitive business data (like addresses or payment information). Do you think your customers would be happy to know their data was so vulnerable?

Human Error

In other situations, human error is to blame when an app is buggy or hard to use. Many apps that offer high-level services like to get overly technical, but we believe that high-level technology still needs entry-level usability. An app that’s hard to use may not be utilized correctly by all employees who may not know how to use the app properly, and this can accidentally cause problems within your business.

An app should be easy to use no matter how well a person understands the inner workings of technology. Rewind’s system is very minimalist and easy to understand, so you’re never overwhelmed by a difficult backup system.

Don’t install just any application that’s supposed to offer your business an incredible service. Check their security features, and don’t commit unless they consider app security and stability to be a top priority.

Mike Potter

Written by Mike Potter

Mike is a serial entrepreneur and currently the co-founder and CEO of Rewind.

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