At Rewind, we’re big believers in putting data security at the top of your priority list. Why? Everything that you do online is made up of data, from the words you type to the code you write for your new ecommerce storefront. Without data security in mind, all of that data could suddenly disappear.

Data security refers to keeping your online data safe. This means backing it up for protection, and many new businesses push this step off until the last minute…and that’s if they consider it to be a worthwhile endeavor at all.

New businesses need to focus on data security first and foremost. Not sure you’re convinced? We’ve got some arguments to back up our position — literally.

It Saves You Headache

It’s easier to lose data than you’d think. Power outages, hackers, human error…these are all very plausible ways to lose precious lines of code that power your entire ecommerce store. What happens when this data goes missing and there’s no backup? You’re stuck either manually restoring it or starting from scratch.

Backup apps mean simple data recovery. No long nights catching up on all that data you lost — just a few clicks and it’s all back to normal.

Sensitive Customer Data

No one wants to have to admit to customers they’ve lost their data or that they’re what led to it being compromised. Without a secure backup solution, that’s exactly the position you may find yourself in.

Customers are very trusting when it comes to their data and ecommerce. They’ll give you their credit card numbers, addresses and other personal information without even blinking. The onus is on the business in question to keep that data safe and secure. Without a backup solution, that data could go missing or be hijacked by hackers and never seen again.

Avoid Downtime

Significant data loss can lead to long periods of downtime — in fact, a study performed by the University of Texas shows that 43% of all businesses that go through major data loss actually never reopen. The loss is too great and the restoration efforts are too cumbersome. If they do reopen? The damage done to their reputation may be irreversible.

Even in the best case scenario, where the public doesn’t turn on the business in question, data loss can still end in a very long site outage. Losing data without a backup in place can mean reforming this data from scratch, and the business can’t reopen until the job is complete. Are you okay with your business sitting dormant for a week or two?

The Extra Competitive Edge

As consumers become more tech-savvy, the less inclined they are to shop from businesses they believe aren’t secure. They see these businesses as liabilities. If the big-name businesses all have security tickets and backup apps in place, why shouldn’t smaller ecommerce stores?

Rewind is perfect for small businesses that want a backup option that’s affordable and friendly for new business owners. When you proudly proclaim yourself as a Rewind user, your customers know you’re keeping their security in mind and that means a lot when it comes to getting a leg up on the competition.

No matter what reasoning finally convinces you that data security and protection is important for your business, we hope that you fully understand why backups are necessary for all online storefront owners. You’ve invested a lot into your business, so now you need to invest in keeping it safe as well.

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