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Your Employees May be Why You Need a New Backup Solution

We often assume that data loss or corruption is something wholly related to technology. Lost some data? The computer gods just didn’t approve. Did a file disappear from your server? Guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

If this is how you think about data loss, you need to reexamine who the culprit may be. While it’s never good to automatically assume what the reason is and place blame on a source unnecessarily, human error may be behind the last data disaster your business experienced.

Employees can sometimes be to blame for data going missing or lost. If you aren’t sure of why or how this can happen, we can go over a few plausible scenarios in which human error can lead to a data disaster.

Accidental Deletion

Raise your hand if you’ve ever accidentally lost or deleted a file or folder before. If you have your hand up, you’re one of the millions of people who have made a simple technology mistake. It’s one thing, however, to accidentally delete a picture from your phone or a draft from your desktop. It’s another thing entirely when it comes to accidentally deleting an important piece of business data.

A backup app can prevent this type of data loss and employees that accidentally delete or misplace files can sleep easy knowing if they do make a typical human mistake, their job won’t be on the line.

Malicious Intent

In other scenarios, file deletion isn’t exactly an accident. It has happened before: you give an employee access to important website files. They’re employed for a while, but for whatever reason they need to eventually be fired or let go. They obviously aren’t happy to be unemployed, but site permissions aren’t fully revoked despite their termination. This means they still have access to important files, and that’s always a recipe for disaster.

While there are of course steps you can take on the legal side of this issue, the important thing is keeping your website up and running. Having a backup app can be an extra level of insurance in case an employee (or ex-employee) decides to go rogue.

Tech Ignorance

In other cases, it’s not an issue of malicious intent or true human error: it’s technological ignorance. Say you transfer to a different web host and their systems are different as compared to your last site hosting experience. An employee was very used to the old system, but the new method of uploading and editing the site is confusing.

Misusing or misunderstanding technology can lead to deletion, removal or corruption of data. It’s the job of an employer to ensure staff are trained, but oversights happen -- backup apps are there for this reason exactly.

Accidents happen, and it’s always good to have a Plan B for when things don’t work out perfectly. Whether your employees deserve a stern talking to or they just make a human mistake, employers and site owners also have a responsibility to have insurance in place so lost data is never truly a disaster.

Mike Potter

Written by Mike Potter

Mike is a serial entrepreneur and currently the co-founder and CEO of Rewind.

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