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Why Choose Shopify Over Other Ecommerce Platforms?

It’s pretty obvious that we at Rewind are supporters of Shopify -- otherwise, why create an app for Shopify users? There are a variety of ecommerce platforms out there, from Etsy to Storenvy, but why is it that we and so many others have chosen Shopify, making it the largest ecommerce store platform online?

We’ve got a few sales pitches to throw at you if you’re looking to open an ecommerce shop and aren’t sure where to host your site. You’ve got a lot of options, but we think we’ve found the best one.

Put Shopping First

Blog platforms like WordPress have gradually integrated more and more ecommerce features to their client’s sites in an effort to create workable storefronts on blogs. For some this approach works. They have a popular blog and want to sell merch on that blog -- the connection is obvious.

However, most of those who want to sell items and services online want that to be the forefront of their efforts. In the above example, the blogging is paramount and the merch is sold alongside it. WordPress is a better platform for that because it works the same way; blogging comes before ecommerce.

Shopify works in the opposite way. If you want to focus on building a business first and blogging second (mostly as a means of visibility, SEO and credibility), Shopify always puts creating an incredible storefront first. Ecommerce is the name of their game, and it still doesn’t prevent users from including other areas to their site, like a blog.

App Variety and Security

We’re one of hundreds of apps available through Shopify. What are these apps? These are addons Shopify users can either use for free or purchase in order to enhance their site. For instance, Rewind is a paid-for app that allows for storefront backups, something Shopify doesn’t readily provide.This is essentially the point of apps -- they give you extra features that don’t exist with a standard Shopify store.

If you want something extra for your store, there’s probably an app for that. From social media to shipping, marketing to sales, there’s a lot to find in the Shopify app store.

Storefront Service

Go back to WordPress -- if you’re using WordPress as a ecommerce gateway, you’re likely going to be interacting the tech support that isn’t completely ecommerce focused. It’s an addition, not a purpose for WordPress. With Shopify, however, the support you receive for your store is 100% professional and ecommerce focused.

But WordPress isn’t strictly ecommerce, so in this context why should you choose Shopify over other strictly ecommerce platforms? Shopify provides users with multiple different types of support, like in-depth forum responses, FAQ answers, real-time support and a staff filled with experienced ecommerce wizards. If you have a problem with your Shopify store, chances are they’ve got an answer for you.

Mike Potter

Written by Mike Potter

Mike is a serial entrepreneur and currently the co-founder and CEO of Rewind.

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