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What SaaS Companies Really Mean When They Say They Backup Data

Do you believe that the companies you patronize have your data in mind? If you actually read those terms and conditions, most companies do in fact say that your data is safe with them and they’ve got your backup, if you get the joke.

This is even more paramount when it comes to software as a service (SaaS) companies that specialize in data almost exclusively. When you entrust your data to a company that’s so tech focused, you expect only the best. Look at FreshBooks’ security information here at their website. There are a lot of great promises going on here, but take a look specifically at their backup promises:

The data in your FreshBooks account is replicated across multiple database servers in two geographic locations to prevent a single failure from causing data loss...that data is backed up nightly to tape and stored in a secure offsite location to ensure that...your information will be safe and your records can be quickly restored.

This is what we should expect from companies and is a pretty standard backup policy...but are these promises really all they say they are?

The Catch

While we can’t speak for every individual company or FreshBooks, we do think it’s important that consumers know what they’re getting into when they use SaaS companies that say they perform backups. When your data is corrupted or lost, your first instinct will usually be to contact customer support and request the data; their response is usually one that’s positive. This system works well when your entire site goes down or it’s something they’ve messed up on their end.

However, when small pieces of data are corrupted or you accidentally delete something you shouldn’t have, these same companies may turn down your backup request. Why? The vendor has to go through the hassle of pulling out individual data pieces and restoring them. This is more time exhaustive and inefficient, which means it’s more expensive. Most SaaS companies won’t listen to individual customer requests like this.

The Power of Rewind

The biggest problem on the end of these companies isn’t that they’re incapable of giving you back your data, but that it’s not cost effective. We at Rewind have figured out a way to put an end to this problem -- we’ve put the client in the driver’s seat.

Instead of Rewind customers requesting backups and having to go through a support channel, they can simply restore their items on their own. It’s not just an overall backup, either. Rewind customers can restore their entire Shopify store or they can restore specific items that they need. When you’re in control of your data, you feel safer and your life is much easier.

It’s also good to know that you have control of your own backups in a world that’s filled with breaches and backup failures. Recently GitLab suffered a major loss when massive amounts of their data was accidentally deleted, causing the site to go offline in an attempt to try and fix the crisis.

We don’t want you to ever have to experience an emergency maintenance with no control over your data. Rewind gives you the power, and we’re pretty proud of that fact.

Mike Potter

Written by Mike Potter

Mike is a serial entrepreneur and currently the co-founder and CEO of Rewind.

Rewind securely backs up your online data helping you recovered deleted items and undo changes easily. Get peace of mind with Rewind. Available for:




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