At Rewind, we’re big into data backups, data security and keeping your digital information safe. We’ve created an app for Shopify storefront users who want to manage their data backups in the easiest way possible, via both automatic and manual backups that they alone have access to. There’s no middleman and they don’t need to contact us to access their backup — that’s what we call true data empowerment.

Data empowerment also means being able to easily download and store all of your own data to do with as you please. If you want to create a Shopify store today, think to the future — three years down the road; will you need that same information? What if it’s gone and no longer accessible because you’ve already deleted it from your server long ago, and even your backups don’t have that information?

Local data hosting is something we can all benefit from (of course, as long as we back it up). It’s convenient, and it gives us all access to our data whenever and wherever we want, from one computer to the next. Tomorrow or three years down the road. No one wants to think that their data is stuck in the ether with no possibility to access it and truly own it.

That’s Where Retrieve Comes In

Our newest app venture, Retrieve, is designed to give Shopify store owners even more power and access to their data, keeping in line with our Rewind brand. The app is currently in a beta stage, but we’re confident in its usefulness for Rewind and Replay users.

With Retrieve, three major parts of your Shopify store’s data will be completely under your control: your product images, blog posts and pages. There are massive benefits to being able to locally download and control these important aspects of your storefront:

  • By saving product images, it’s easy to locally edit, resize, watermark and make other changes to your images. Once the changes are made, upload them back to your site for easy store updating.
  • By saving your blog posts, it’s possible to create an editable archive of all of your blogs. Save them to your desktop, flashdrive or EHD for transport or sharing purposes.
  • By saving your Shopify pages, store owners can create an archive of their store and easily edit their pages via their own text-based editing software if they don’t like using Shopify’s pre-provided features.

Each piece of data saved costs $.10 with a base price of $10. It’s cheaper than ever to save your store locally for safe keeping, archiving or editing.

But wait — are there other aspects of your Shopify store you’d like to save locally? For now, these three site features are all Retrieve can save…but you can change that. Remember: this app is in its beta stage. We’d love to hear from Shopify store users about other storefront data they’d like to see including in the Retrieve app, and we can make it happen!

We’ve always been dedicated to users and want them to embrace the power of saving and backing up data. Now there’s more power in their hands than ever before. Retrieve is the ultimate app for data empowerment.

Do you feel powerful now?

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