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Manual Backup Best Practices to Use with Your Shopify Storefront

When you buy a Premium, Pro or Plus plan with Rewind, you gain access to our manual backup feature. If you want to create your own backup and not simply use the automatic backups we create for you, you have the power to create a manual backup on your own time. Data empowerment is important to us, and so is teaching customers how to best use the features we provide for them.

If you purchase one of these plans and want to take advantage of our manual backup service, we have a few tips for how to use it so you make the most of what Rewind has to offer.

Major Changes

Rewind’s biggest draw is out automatic backup feature that comes with all of our pricing plans. Any Shopify store owner that installs the Rewind application can immediately set up a scheduled backup service that works automatically -- no manual backups necessary.

However, we know better than anyone that customers like unadulterated access to their data and their backups. In fact, some Rewind customers like to use our automatic backups as extra security and work mainly off of their manual backups.

The best time to create a manual backup is before you plan on making big Shopify storefront changes. Automatic backups adjust based on how often you change your store, so manual backups are great to create before you begin any editing.

Say you’re trying out a new Shopify theme. Create a manual backup before doing any layout adjustments, then go in and tweak to your heart’s desire. Rewind allows for rewinding single items or even whole sites to specific dates and time, but a manual backup is the best and easiest way to get your site back to the way it originally was if your new theme isn’t looking as good as you thought it might.

Backup Scheduling

Manual backups can also help to train users into thinking about backing up in general. When you rely on a service that only does things for you, complacency can start to settle in. When you create manual backups on your own, you keep the power of your data firmly in your hands. Making a manual backup once a week or once a month creates a habit of power. You remember and focus on your data security on your own while we’ve got your back if you want to make minor or immediate changes.

Backup Data Locally

Rewind stores your data in our Rewind Vault, but we also have another app that puts even more power in the hands of our customers. With Retrieve, Shopify store owners can download their entire store for local storing and backing up. Save files to your hard drive, a flashdrive or even your phone -- they’re your files, and you’re in total control of them.

Backing up data shouldn’t be seen as a chore, but as an insurance investment. When you backup your data, you make sure that your Shopify storefront is safe. We can help you with both automatic and manual backups, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to have power too. If you want to rely on manual backups, we’ve provided you the tools to make the most of them. Will you use them wisely?

Mike Potter

Written by Mike Potter

Mike is a serial entrepreneur and currently the co-founder and CEO of Rewind.

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