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2017 Shopify Sales Ideas and How to Execute Them Perfectly

A new year always brings new opportunities. This isn’t just in regards to your personal life, either. Marketing booms during the first quarter of a year because everyone wants to get off on the right foot with consumers during this pivotal marketing time. Consumers with Christmas cash in hand are looking to buy things -- whether they’re superfluous gifts or items they believe will make their life better in 2017, they’re beginning to buy things the second the clock strikes midnight.

This means you’ve got a window of opportunity to seize, and it’s important that you don’t let 2017 sales opportunities pass you by. We’ve got some tips for Shopify store owners on both how to come up with great sale ideas for January and how to execute these sales so they’re as successful as possible.

Shopify Sales Pitches

  • First, you need to understand one important thing: you won’t be the only store out there throwing sales at consumers. It’s hard to come up with a unique sales idea that stands out on its own, but try to get creative with your sales pitches.
  • Numbers stick out in the minds of consumers, especially ones that aren’t so normal. Percentages like 5, 10, 20 and 50 are all pretty average in terms of clearance sale deals. Take advantage of the new year and do something different, like offer 17% off. This number is both memorable because it’s abnormal and because it directly relates to the sale’s purpose.
  • It can be pretty hard for stores to swing free shipping at times, but sometimes it’s what gets consumers into your virtual storefront. Shipping is the bane of the consumer’s existence, especially when it’s for an item they can get nearby. For instance, say you’re running a clothing store on Shopify and selling scarves. A consumer might think twice about paying for shipping when they know they can run to a nearby store and get a similar item with no shipping attached.
  • Sometimes a snappy referral code is all people need to get interested in a sale. Be cheeky or creative, but make those codes stand out. They’ll be easily remembered and therefore more likely to be used.

2017 Marketing Techniques

  • First and  foremost, you’re going to have to start focusing more heavily on social media. Even if your strategy has already been to utilize this vehicle above all else, social media will be how you connect with the most consumers. Remember, your sales are going to be competing with a lot of Shopify peers. You want to reach the widest audience possible to get the most bites.
  • Consider a points or referral program. Consumers like to know that their loyalty will be rewarded in a pretty tangible way, not just in the eventual coupon or subscription freebie. When you give people access to referrals or a points system, they’re more likely to both shop with you AND stay on with you as a business.
  • Finally, engagement matters in 2017. If you aren’t reaching out to your audience base and interacting with them in the ways that you should, you won’t find that you’re getting the sales numbers you’re looking for.

As one last piece of advice, try not to focus too heavily on the 2017 aspect -- sounds hypocritical, right? If you want loyal customers, you have to offer them a product that’s timeless and that they won’t buy simply because it’s on sale for once. Draw them in with 2017, but get them to stay by offering them incentives that last throughout the year.

Mike Potter

Written by Mike Potter

Mike is a serial entrepreneur and currently the co-founder and CEO of Rewind.

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