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4 Tips for Tidying Up Your Shopify Store for the New Year

Have you ever heard of the phrase “spring cleaning”? It’s the idea that once every spring, we all take time out of our schedules to tidy up our homes, our minds and other spaces. Out with the old, in with the new, all that jazz. You also see this ritual practiced around the new year, and it’s a tradition that we do like. What better way to ring in New Year’s than with a nice purge of old, unnecessary clutter?

This has never been more true than when it comes to your Shopify storefront. 2017 is approaching, and January is a great time to start marketing your store like never before. This means getting it all ready for the new year that’s coming -- a virtual sweeping, if you will. Dust out the cobwebs and get your store tidier than it’s ever been before.

Look through your Shopify copy.

When Shopify store owners first create store copy, they usually write it out once and forget about it. In most cases the information isn’t time sensitive and there’s no real harm in neglecting it, but it’s also not necessarily wise to leave it as is forever either.

Updating your Shopify copy keeps your store fresh, but it also shows that you’re concerned about SEO. SEO rules and positives change consistently throughout the year, so pay attention to new SEO modifications and update your copy accordingly.

Clean out your inventory.

Not every product or service you sell will sell well. If you create a store that has more than 25 items and they’re all selling equally, we’d love to know your secret weapon for sales success! However, items sitting in your inventory for a long time can make your store look dated.

Even if it’s just to clearance an item out, or to update the description to market it different, look through your inventory of items and see what needs to be removed or highlighted.

Freshen up your look.

We’re not saying that you’ve got to start up a whole new layout project, but assess the aesthetic value of your current site with fresh eyes. Are there any menus that could be condensed? When was the last time you tested your layout on various updated browsers? How mobile-friendly is your website?

These are all questions to consider when looking at your website. Think about them carefully and what you can change to make your storefront better.

Go through old data.

At Rewind, we never like to tell storefront owners to delete data willy-nilly -- in fact, our service exists simply because some customers like to do that against our advice. However, consider minimizing your data. Sometimes data exists superfluously. Create a Rewind backup before you start cleaning house, then create one after.

Cleaning up your Shopify should be about bettering it -- if something exists that doesn’t better your store, it can be gotten rid of. Examine all of its elements and finally ask yourself this last question: is this really making my store a better place to shop?

Mike Potter

Written by Mike Potter

Mike is a serial entrepreneur and currently the co-founder and CEO of Rewind.

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