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4 Security Tasks to Prep Yourself for the New Year

With a new year comes a new sense of accomplishment. 2016 is out of the way, no matter if you thought it was the best year ever or the worst on record, and now it’s time to focus on what we’re going to do to ensure that 2017 is better. Even if you scored some personal bests in 2016, how will you top them this year? What can you do to ensure that you’re going into the New Year with the resources possible to make it a great one?

We here at Rewind may not be able to tell you how to stick to your dieting resolutions or finally stick to that language class you keep blowing off, but we are experts in one very important area -- tech security. One of the often neglected areas of housekeeping when people charge head first into the new year, we’re offering you four oft overlooked tasks you need to achieve before 2017 finally rolls in.

Change your passwords.

Passwords are something we definitely take for granted, and the continued statistics that show lot of people still do the whole “password123” thing proves it. Your passwords should be close to foolproof, and there’s no excuse for having simple passwords anymore.

Maybe more so than your password’s complexity, it’s important to regularly change your passwords. Go through and check your password strengths before 2017 and make sure they’re all different from each other.

Ensure that any antivirus subscriptions are current.

If this doesn’t apply to you because you only use free or common malware protection, we’ve got some different advice for you: invest in something better!

For those of you who do use subscription services for computer clean up and debugging, make sure that you have some cash set aside to renew them AND note when they run out. If it’s soon, look to pay up during New Year’s sales instead of waiting for the product to be full price in a month or so.

Look into backup options.

We’ve probably already told our regular readers this about a thousand times, but if you don’t already have data backups? Get some! Rewind is great for Shopify users who want to keep their storefront protected, but what about your phone? Your computer? Laptop? Harddrives? Any data that you have needs to be protected, one way or another.

Get educated.

A lot of things can change in the world of tech in almost the blink of an eye. We like to keep tabs on tech industry newsletters and blogs about cyber security, but it’s not just because we create a tech security-based Shopify app. It’s also because we’re consumers just like you who worry about all of our technology, not just our business.

Learn as much as possible before 2017 gets here. See what you’ve missed and what’s developing in the world of tech and Internet security. From there, stay informed during the New Year and you’ll be amazed at how savvy you become over time.

Mike Potter

Written by Mike Potter

Mike is a serial entrepreneur and currently the co-founder and CEO of Rewind.

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