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Why Your eCommerce Store Should Embrace Social Media

People initially engaged on social media as a way to connect to friends, exchange ideas and share photos. But soon, they were surfing the web for product reviews and looking for trends by way of checking out their favorite celebrity’s social media accounts to see what they were wearing, where they were eating, and even what store they were buying from.

Today, social media savvy individuals are using their accounts to show off their purchases,publicly say thank you to shops for fantastic service, or share what they feel are “must-haves.”

Because of this, businesses began realizing that all netizens are potential customers and starting leveraging social media for their marketing campaigns. After all, to an extent, social media can be considered as a free marketing tool allowing companies big and small to interact with customers on a global scale.

Social media impact on the purchasing behavior of people

Does seeing your friend’s Instagram post of her new purple sneakers really make you want to go out and buy a pair for yourself? Do you think you’ll ever have lunch at the new artisan pizza joint that your cousin has been raving about on her Facebook account? And what are the chances you won’t join that Twitter contest that your favorite smoothie bar just announced for its loyal customers?

If you’ve answered “yes” or “likely” then you know just how much influence social media has on today’s consumers. Because while we are entrepreneurs, we are also customers. We are aware of the impression that a good review has on our decision to buy something. And with so many web users posting, sharing, tweeting their product opinions, we are never short on consumer reviews.

What can we do as eCommerce store owners to incorporate social media into how we market our business?

Think Social, Not Selling

Your initial approach should be to utilize the channel to connect with your market without the intent to try to sell them anything. Put the needs of your customers first. Get to know your audience. A marketing strategy can develop later. Here is how to start:

• Create a social media account using your eCommerce store’s name

• Use your brand logo as a profile photo to create brand awareness

• Your posts shouldn’t always be about pushing product in their faces

• Mix up what you post by sharing relevant news in your industry

• Engage with your customers

• Reply to inquiries promptly

• Allow social sharing of your store and posts

• Post photos of your products accompanied with a link to your online store

As your business develops, you can begin to strategize a more sophisticated social media marketing plan. But for now, have fun with it. Socialize with your customers, get feedback, and hopefully, they’ll soon be telling their friends about you and your shop across all their social media channels.

Mike Potter

Written by Mike Potter

Mike is a serial entrepreneur and currently the co-founder and CEO of Rewind.

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