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3 Tech Focused New Years Resolutions You Need to Stick To in 2017

New Years is a time of resolve. Sure, we all like to party on New Year's Eve -- but the purpose is to say goodbye to the old year and send it out with a bang, only to wake up the next day a little dizzy but ready to begin a new. Thus we have New Year’s resolutions. These are the little promises we make, and subsequently try to keep, that will lead to self betterment for the next 365 days (maybe longer if we’re successful).

Common New Year’s resolutions include losing weight, quitting bad habits, getting organized or learning a new skill. While these are all noble endeavors, we at Rewind ask you to consider adding another resolution or two (or three!) to your list this year.

See, many people use technology on a daily bases, but they often don’t think about tech security. The average person puts a lock on their phone and a password on their laptop and assumes that’s all they need to do. After all, people only hack technology on TV, right? Wrong.

Consider these three tech-focused resolutions that keep your cyber security in mind.

Resolution #1: Getting Better about Passwords

The reason this resolution is so vague is because it’s certainly long-reaching. Many tech users are lulled into a false sense of security when it comes to their password strength. Some don’t even attempt to create strong, unique passwords because of a certain “it will never happen to me” attitude. The truth is that your data is only as safe as you make it.

Look at the recently revealed data hack that has happened to Yahoo!. If a big company can have their data compromised, a low level hacker can crack your passwords and use them against you. Remember your passwords, keep them unique and keep them strong.

Resolution #2: Start Keeping Backups

Another instance where this idea that “it’ll never happen to me” comes into play is when in regards to data  backups. We’ve said it before, but backups are like insurance. You may not need it, but you definitely want it in case you do.

Rewind knows your data can disappear or become corrupted in an instant, and if you don’t believe us then believe our testimonials. Our scheduled and requested backups have helped many Shopify users keep their stores up and running.

It’s not just about us, either. If you have data, you need to have a way to back it up. Do your research and see how you can better secure your tech data.

Resolution #3: Do More Tech Research

We may have caught you too late to give you advice on tech Christmas gifts, but just a word to the wise -- tech is worth investing in. Despite many casual tech users simply buying what they think may the best product or safety system, it’s always important that you don’t jump on a purchase just because it’s sleek, shiny and all the rage.

In general, all tech owners owe it to themselves to be smart tech owners. And, if you are indeed a smart tech owner, consider listening to this advice and making at least one New Year’s resolution a tech-focused one.

Mike Potter

Written by Mike Potter

Mike is a serial entrepreneur and currently the co-founder and CEO of Rewind.

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