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Shopify Copy Tips for Snagging More Customers

Your Shopify has a personality, whether you intended it to or not. If you designed it that way on purpose then good for you — you understand that potential customers do read written content and connect with it. If you didn’t design your site copy to read a certain way? Go look over it and see what it says to you.

Most site copy is very dry and boring, especially if you’re just writing about your business on autopilot.

A modern consumer knows what a business is. They know you want to please them and give them good services and products for not a lot of cash. What they don’t know is who you are, and that’s what your site copy should be saying!

While site copy is filler to some, it should be one method of getting customers and keeping them. Site copy isn’t just about informing a consumer — it’s about showcasing your business’ personality and forging a strong connection.

Balancing Your Voice

Visit the Rewind site and see what our own copy says about us. The intention is that it’s friendly and inviting, but also that it’s very strong and promising. Your data is something that we take very seriously, but we also take our customers seriously as people too.

It’s good to find this balance between personal and professional tone. You have to be able combine a business sense of professionalism and a casual flow and tone of conversation. This simulates an actual exchange between two people (in this case, your business and a consumer) while still maintaining a very serious context.

Adjusting Each Page

Site copy is also how customers learn more about your Shopify store in a very general way. Do they have a question? Do they want to learn more about you? If the answer to either of these questions is “yes” and you don’t have a page containing that information, you may lose that customer.

Your landing and about us pages are perhaps the most important. For a landing page, this is likely the first impression of a store a customer has to go on. Any site copy there should be succinct and information, though not without that professional vs. casual tone discussed previously.

An about me page should be in depth, though many businesses don’t take the time to really give this part of their Shopify store their full attention. Some store owners go on and on about their humble beginnings, how their products are made and their hopes for the future — this is a good thing! It’s always better to have more information than not enough.

Speak Directly

A lot of business copy is very general and uses “we” — these blogs do, in fact! Sometimes, though, it’s best that a store owner speak in the first-person and discuss their views directly with a consumer via site copy. An about page is actually the perfect place for a business owner to connect with both current and potential consumers in this very way.

This creates a direct line. A customer may have never spoken with you directly, but they now know you are real. You are a person out there somewhere who is willing to speak with them if and when they do have to get in touch.

Mike Potter

Written by Mike Potter

Mike is a serial entrepreneur and currently the co-founder and CEO of Rewind.

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