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Holiday Shopping Sales and How to Execute Them the Smart Way

The holiday season is still in full swing, and while the clock is definitely running out, there’s still time to get in some last minute gift shopping and hope it arrives in time for gift-giving. As a Shopify storefront owner, you’re likely looking to cash in on some holiday sales in order to boost your revenue…and why not? The holidays are a massive gift-giving season, and you’ve got products and services that may be on someone’s wishlist.

The problem is simple: getting the word out. Executing a sale isn’t as simple as creating a Rewind backup (and trust us — that’s really simple), so you’ll have to put your thinking cap on. Many different holiday sales pitches have been done to death, so ask yourself questions such as “should I go with tried best practices or switch things up?” “How am I going to market my products in a way that reflects the holidays?”

The Power of Discounts

Some products lend themselves to the idea of holiday gift giving, like books and clothes. Wouldn’t you love to immerse yourself in warm blankets on your couch while wearing a nice new sweater and swiping through a book you bought on your new kindle? The image is pretty toasty, and the products lend to that. Some products and services don’t.

If you can’t market the idea of the holidays, simply stick with the hard facts: people love holiday shopping because it means slashed prices. You may not be able to market your autobody paint Shopify store in a festive way, but offering a holiday sale of 10% off with a coupon code more than makes up for it.

Email Lists

Never underestimate the power of email marketing — in fact, that’s where a majority of your marketing efforts should be concentrated during the holidays. Your already existent subscription list is filled with consumers who have purchased with you previously, and most of the time that means they trust you. This is an excellent start to setting up a holiday related transaction.

Start sending out emails about holiday sales right now if you haven’t already. You’re a little behind, but it’s not too late to start!

Social Media Bonuses

Social media followers love feeling like they’ve been rewarded for staying by your business’ side. This is why many Shopify store owners offer Twitter, Instagram or Facebook exclusive coupon codes. You may think that social media being public and all ruins a bit of that exclusivity — but that’s the point.

Your social media followers will obviously see the coupon code, but they may also retweet or share it. Consumers are very good about sharing deal information with their peers, and you may just get more followers, subscribers and customers out of the situation.

Time Sensitive (but Not Too Time Sensitive)

Have you ever completely missed a sale day like Black Friday and thought “shoot; there goes my chance at all the good deals!” Black Friday and one-day sale occasions are great for getting in some customers in large quantities, but don’t neglect those day-after stragglers.

The sales don’t have to be as big, but send out an email right after your sale ends and announce a small continuance, like 10% off items instead of 20%. This gives those that missed the deals a chance at savings, but you’ve still got the bulk of your sales funneled from the actual duration of the sales event.

Mike Potter

Written by Mike Potter

Mike is a serial entrepreneur and currently the co-founder and CEO of Rewind.

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