There are many different scenarios where you might get hacked during the holidays, whether you’re a Shopify store owner or a customer. You may have your email hacked and a thief may steal your identity. A hacker may access a store account you have and make fraudulent purchases. Someone may commit a large data breach and steal massive amounts of information from your database.

These aren’t just hypothetical worse-case scenarios — they’re real and they’re possible. Thousands of people will be scammed or hacked during the holidays and be none the wiser until January rolls around. That doesn’t have to be you if you know what the risks are and start preparing for the best and the worst.

Holiday Hacking Risks

On one hand, consumers have to deal with a myriad of hacking possibilities. Clickjacking, spyware, drive-by downloads and account takeovers all happen during the holidays, and they all happen en masse. While each form of hacking or fraud is different, they all come out with the same result — theft.

On the other, ecommerce stores also are at a great risk during the holidays; consumers aren’t the only big hacking targets during this time of year. Ecommerce establishments are a goldmine of consumer personal data and payment information, and hackers would love to get their hands on as much of that data as possible.

Rewind is one such target — we hold data backups for hundreds of Shopify stores, including large quantities of customer data. Our Rewind Vault is completely secure and impenetrable…but do you have your own safety measures in place?

Preparing for Crisis

An old saying goes “prepare for the worst and expect the best.” This definitely applies to ecommerce store safety for both consumers and Shopify storefront owners. When you have an action plan prepared for the worst case scenario, like massive credit card fraud or a huge data breach, then you know you can handle it when the time comes. You hope that you never have to enact that action plan, but sometimes it’s necessary.

Consumers should always be smart when shopping online during the holidays. This includes vetting stores they shop with, keeping a close eye on credit card/bank statements and switching up their emails and passwords frequently during heavy traffic months like November and December.

Shopify store owners should know that Shopify does have some basic precautions in place to help protect their customers, but that doesn’t mean a data hack is impossible. Keep your customer records consistently backed up and keep an eye out for suspicious transactions in your log. One of the best tips for hedging your bets when it comes to hacking is to stay ahead of the situation — recognize potential attempts at fraud or breaches before they happen.

The holidays are supposed to be a time of tenderness and giving, so it’s painful to many to realize they still have to be diligent and on their toes. Remember that the best way to have a stress-free holiday season online is to stay aware and stay prepared.

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