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Marketing Your Shopify Store During the Holidays

As a consumer, you may be dreading the holidays — meeting long lost family members over way too much eggnog, buying too many presents and forgetting who all they’re supposed to be for. At the same time, as a Shopify store owner the holidays are great news for your business. Store owners everywhere start jumping for joy once November rolls around because Black Friday and holiday shopping make up for a large portion of their yearly sales.

How do you cash in on this golden opportunity? Marketing…and not just any marketing, but holiday marketing. While your typical marketing strategies may work during this time of year, you aren’t just selling a deal. You’re selling an occasion and a feeling of tidings and good cheer. If holiday specific marketing didn’t work, why would business giants like Coca Cola and Amazon participate in holiday marketing year after year?

Holiday marketing will work for your Shopify store too, and we’re here to help you pull it off.

Push Holiday Safety

If you’re a store that is a Rewind client (thanks, by the way!), we’ve set you up with a pretty decent marketing opportunity. See, holiday shopping months are also when hackers and con artists come out of the wood work, working tirelessly to break into Shopify store data vaults so they can steal identities and items from other ecommerce merchants.

Rewind keeps all backup data secure, including customer-related data. As a Rewind-friendly Shopify store owner, you have the potential to show off how you’re concerned for your customer’s Internet safety throughout their transaction process and even after it’s complete.

Keep Things Lighthearted

On a different note, remember that the holidays are a very cheerful and jolly time. Your marketing efforts should reflect this feeling — if you don’t feel an air of holiday cheer from your marketing, you’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere!

Humor is always great for marketing and the more creative and snappy you are with it the better. Humor and witty marketing concepts are perfect for social media, where consumers will be more than willing to share your content and get you more holiday visibility.

Stress Deadlines

Deadlines are also a big part of holiday shopping. For instance, no one is doing any online shopping on December 24th. They know they’ve missed their window of opportunity to get a gift to their house by Christmas, so it’s all foot traffic and wandering around malls from then on.

All holiday sales should have a deadline, and holiday countdowns really apply the pressure. It’s not just about getting all those sales in, but also an attempt to ensure that customers will get their products before their holiday arrives — not after. While you can’t control the mail system, you can make customers aware that the clock is ticking and the sooner they buy, the sooner it ships!

Package Deals

Many holiday shoppers want to knock out as much shopping as they can all in one place…but some stores simply aren’t built for that. You know your products better than we do, but ask yourself this question: who are my products for?

If you can respond with multiple different age groups, backgrounds and genders, you may have struck holiday marketing gold. Don’t just say your women’s pajamas are on sale; say that you can buy a pair of women’s pajamas and get a men’s set 50% off! This upsells your products and adds convenience for customers.

Mike Potter

Written by Mike Potter

Mike is a serial entrepreneur and currently the co-founder and CEO of Rewind.

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