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The 3 Biggest Reasons You Need Rewind Now

Backing up your life is essential, especially in a time where hacking and data breeches are commonplace in the digital world. Your phone, your computer, all of your files — without backup protocol in place, you could lose everything in the blink of an eye.

When it comes to online platforms, you assume that they have this covered in your stead. After all, in the case of Shopify, it’s their responsibility isn’t it? Just like you’re in charge of your own files on your laptop, Shopify has to take care of the files you put on their server; a server you have no control over.

That may seem like common sense, but it’s indeed not the case. The reality is just one of the reasons you need to use Rewind — and you need to start today.

1. Shopify does NOT backup your site.

Think about the effort you put into your Shopify storefront. This can include items, descriptions, themes and modifications, as well as customer data and your own. Because of one mistake or breech, this data could be wiped out.

This has happened to Shopify store owners before, and they quickly email Shopify about the issue. Instead of helpful advice, all they receive is the truth — Shopify does not provide backups because they don’t perform them.

This is where Rewind comes in.

2. Rewind is simple and safe.

Some backup platforms are complex. Figuring out how to back up your system is akin to memorizing pi to 100 decimals, and that complexity turns people off.

Rewind backs up your Shopify store data and makes it as easy as pie. Automatic backups are set up immediately, and it’s simple to manually back up your site if you have a package that allows it. It’s easier than ever to make sure your Shopify data is secure, especially since while Shopify has systems in place to keep your data safe, there is no failsafe set up to ensure you have backups available.

3. The ability to flexibly restore data.

Say you want to restore a group of items you put on your site and then took down — but that’s all you want to restore, nothing more and nothing less. While many backup platforms only allow you to backup either everything or nothing, Rewind understands that that isn’t always the case.

Instead, Rewind allows for flexible restores that are customizable. If you only want to restore a certain part of your data, you can.

This comes in handy especially when you’re only focusing on one area of your site. For instance, say you mess up your Shopify theme and want to revert to an older version. Instead of having to restore products, images, pages and customer data, flexible restores allow you to focus instead on just your theme and theme assets.

Rewind is your answer to safety on Shopify. Backups are meant to be preemptive — think of them like e-insurance. When you utilize Rewind right now, you prevent any future crisis from occurring.

Mike Potter

Written by Mike Potter

Mike is a serial entrepreneur and currently the co-founder and CEO of Rewind.

Rewind securely backs up your online data helping you recovered deleted items and undo changes easily. Get peace of mind with Rewind. Available for:




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