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Making Your Shopify Theme Pop: 4 Simple Tips

While Shopify has an arsenal of themes for you to use and choose from for your store, and if you’re a fledgling shop owner then using these themes for your storefront is a good idea. However, as you get more used to using Shopify and more familiar with the interface, it’s a good idea to try building your own theme.

Why? Building your own theme can help with brand identity. The Shopify themes on the theme store are all public — meaning anyone with a Shopify can use one, while themes you build yourself are one of a kind and unique to your own brand.

Rewind is a perfect accessory to your Shopify theme — while you modify and adjust your theme, you can create as many backups necessary to keep saving your work in case you want to undo a major adjustment or start from scratch. However, we want to offer you a few tips for making your Shopify theme pop while you work on crafting the perfect storefront for your ecommerce shop.

1. Know Liquid inside and out.

You do have the option of taking a Shopify theme that already exists and modifying it to create a unique theme for your store. However, whether you’re starting from scratch or editing a template, you have to know Liquid in order to have a truly exciting storefront.

Basic Shopify layouts utilize Liquid, but in ways that are very simple. This Ruby-based coding language is highly customizable, though, so the more fluent you are, the more you can do with your website. Use Liquid cheat sheets and tutorials to help boost your knowledge, then dive in headfirst.

2. Also become familiar with Timber.

If you want something wholly original but don’t know how to set up your own Shopify framework right off the bat, they do offer you something called Timber. This is an extremely bare-bones code that can be heavily edited with liquid without starting entirely from the ground up.

Imagine building a house and only setting up four walls — you have the ability to put rooms anywhere you like, but the outside parameters are set up for you. That’s Timber.

This helps you simply the process of building a theme while still allowing you to add complex customization to your theme. You can also find tutorials for customizing Timber so you can start utilizing it as training wheels for your bigger theme project.

3. Consider the theme review process.

Whether or not you actually submit your theme for publishing to the official Theme Store is irrelevant — in fact, if you want a theme to be yours and yours alone then you definitely don’t want to publicize it. However, knowing about the theme editing process can help your theme stand out.

There are multiple checklists that Shopify utilizes when considering publishing a theme to the public, and these checklists vary depending on what category the theme falls under. Look around online for official Shopify theme checklists and see how your own theme stands up. These categories are considered when taking into consideration the quality of a theme, so you’ll know you’ve got a great theme on your hands when you mark off most of their criteria.

4. Don’t be afraid to try new things — within reason.

Finally, consider trying something different. Your theme should stand out while being in line with your brand aesthetic and image. At the same time, you don’t want to use a theme that steps too far out of the box. A great Shopify theme is one that is innovative but functional — after all, your theme is something that is more important to the consumers you’re trying to target than taking your own taste into consideration.

No matter what kind of theme you end up using, just remember this — you don’t want all of your hard work to go to waste. Use Rewind to back up your store data and back it up often. Otherwise, your beautiful Shopify theme may be lost forever.

Mike Potter

Written by Mike Potter

Mike is a serial entrepreneur and currently the co-founder and CEO of Rewind.

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