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The 5 Most Common eCommerce Mistakes and How You Avoid Them

Whether we talk about a small business or a growing commercial venture that already established a wide customer base and achieved significant sales, eCommerce can be a logical evolutional step, as it influences purchase habits and offers a convenient and personalized experience to your customers. At the same time, it makes your product or service more attractive. In short, if you can avoid some common mistakes, eCommerce can revolutionize your business. But what are these mistakes?

1. Inconvenient Platform

In a process that’s built on convenience, there is no place for the opposite. Your eCommerce shop needs to be fast and easy-to-use, especially its search and checkout functions.

  • Short Loading Times: for customers who like to buy products online, speed is one of the most important factors. They want a quick and responsive site that accommodates them in a way that makes their shopping experience a quality one. A slow site is a commercial death wish.
  • Easy Checkout Process: Many potential deals fall through during the checkout process. Customers want to complete their purchase as quickly as possible, and in most cases, they don’t want to register to do that. Guest transactions should be possible, though at the same time, the customers should also get to find out about the benefits of registration.

2. Contact Information Missing or Hard to Find

Not having proper contact information or having a hidden or improper one is another fairly common problem. Customer relations are extremely important, and not just because of the aspect of convenience. By offering your customers proper contact information with several options, you essentially declare that your have faith in your products, and even in the event of somebody having a problem with them, you and your team are there to help solve it. Customers really appreciate if they can talk to somebody, which is why live chat or toll-free customer services work so well.

3. Spamming

Online marketing can be extremely effective, but spamming your customers always backfires. You should do everything in your power to make your eCommerce site as personalized as possible. People appreciate tailor-made experiences, and the offers they get should be made with their preferences in mind, rather than a generic message addressed to all customers.

4. Lack of Security

According to a study, around 25% of customers who shop online have stopped an internet purchase in the last minute because of security concerns. Your site must be well-guarded against all kinds of online treats, and that protection has to be well communicated on the site so your customers can check and see that you did your due diligence. At the same time, you should demand the same kind of discipline from third party providers as well, as many hacks happen that way, where the perpetrator steals a third-party login to do damage.

5. Too Many Products

When a product doesn’t sell as well as you would have hoped, introducing new ones isn’t necessarily a good idea. When you try to make various products popular at the same time, branding becomes significantly harder. Offering too many options for your customers can be a problem too, especially if they are similar in their nature. Don’t spread yourself thin by trying to be the most versatile eCommerce shop, rather try to develop a fairly deep and high-quality lineup.


The competition is extremely steep, and in order to develop a successful eCommerce site, you simply have to cover all your bases. You need to create a professional-looking, quick, and easy-to-use platform, without obstacles like mandatory registering or inconvenient promotions. Your customers want a suitable experience that allows them to buy a quality product quickly and effortlessly, and your job is to create that environment for them.






Mike Potter

Written by Mike Potter

Mike is a serial entrepreneur and currently the co-founder and CEO of Rewind.

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