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How a Secure Shopify Can Help Your Overall Marketing Strategy

Shopify is extremely popular among eCommerce shop owners because it offers a complete service. From organizing and customizing the products through tracking and analytics, you can experience a diverse eCommerce solution that does the lion’s share of the work for you.

How Security Comes Into All This

When they have to use their credit card to buy something online, people have reservations even if they did it before and have never experienced anything negative. Since many of them — up to 35–40% — aren’t perfectly sure if they really want to do it, it is extremely important to create a safe environment. They have to give out their financial information, and they are afraid of financial theft and identity theft. This is where the Secure Sockets Layer encryption (or short SSL) comes into the picture. This technology encrypts the data sent by your customers almost immediately upon entry.

Visual Cues

Having the “s” in the “https” sends out the positive message that they are dealing with a merchant who cares about security; and that is an aspect that should be communicated to them at every turn. From a marketing standpoint, it is very important to let everyone know that your site is secure. It makes your customers comfortable enough to give out their personal information, which is the backbone of eCommerce, or one could argue its entirety. Having special security icons installed on the site also sends out a positive message, and Shopify is an excellent base for that. These types of additions can make those customers comfortable who are not aware of the importance of the “s” in the web address.

Shopify’s Extra Protection

SSL encryption has become the norm by now, and the vast majority of eCommerce sites rely on it during the checkout process. While the checkout is safe, they still rely on the old HTTP protocol for everything else, creating security risks all over the place. Shopify is different in that aspect too. Any eCommerce stores that are powered by their service can be accessed using the Secure Sockets Layer encryption. This means that the visitors of a Shopify store can browse the site while being completely secure, and not just during the checkout. When a potential customer visits your site, they are looking for exactly that kind of security. The biggest indicator of it is that little “s” letter in the web address, along with the padlock icon.


Another way of showing just how secure your site is by offering your customers more than one safe paying options. Most credit card companies offer secure shopping solutions, including VISA who has a service called “Verified by VISA”. This allows your customers to enter their credit card details fully knowing that the only party who will see them is VISA. Offering additional options may require more work on your part, but by doing so you can convince some of those people — again, between 30 and 40% according to the data from recent years — who often hesitate to buy things online, and maybe even some of the 20% who are yet to do it for the first time.

The Most Important Aspect of Your Marketing Strategy

The No.1 tool for turning your potential customers into actual ones is offering and communicating security. Having the right certifications is not enough, people need to be aware of the fact that your site has these protocols down to the tee, which means that at every turn you have to market that aspect as the invaluable feature that it is.

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Mike Potter

Written by Mike Potter

Mike is a serial entrepreneur and currently the co-founder and CEO of Rewind.

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